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Step one: So what is the SCA? A description of who we are and what we do. New: The SCA on-Line Demo

Step two: Know who to talk to! If you have questions, these three officers are the best people to ask. Click on the job title to learn more about what each does.

Our Seneschal
Edward Fitzranulf
(Scott Hendrix)
Our Baron and Baroness
Calum MacDhaibhidh and Constanza de Mendoza
(Jeff Estep and Sunny Buchler)
510-882-4399 or
Our Chatelain
Kari Garranhirson
(Alex VanNess)

Step Three: Attend an event! Here are some tips and sugestions for your first SCA Event. It's at our events we shine the most, though our regular meetings are a great place to get to know people and what we do.

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