Greetings to the most noble and proud members of the Midrealm!

The Midrealm Fortieth Year Celebration and Coronation on Oct 3-4 AS XLIV was a stupendous event!

Thank you for coming from near and from far. The Incipient Barony of Ayreton was very proud to host such a splendid gathering! Being the autocrat of this historic event was a great honor and a personal joy.

And as autocrat it is my pleasure to thank the many volunteers who were crucial to the success of this event. The event staff and their volunteers dedicated themselves to making this a great event and I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. It was great fun celebrating our past and looking forward to the future!

This is a lengthy email so I ask your patience in advance. I am incredibly proud of the contributions of each of the volunteers. Please forgive any incorrect spellings and also forgive my scattered memory if there are any oversights. I realize that many jobs were completed and many problems solved without my knowledge by people whose faces I never even saw! Thank you again!

Thanks to the Royalty of the Middle Kingdom and the Royalty of our Daughter Kingdoms for Their patronage of the event. They were truly inspirational!

Local Staff from all five groups of the Incipient Barony of Aryeton consisting of the Shire of Grey Gargoyles the Shire of Rokkehealden the Shire of Vanished Wood the Shire of Foxvale and the Province of Tree Girt Sea.

The event website was created and maintained by Baroness Milesent Vibert (she isn't from Aryeton but she can move here any time and be welcomed!). Lady Nadezda ZeZastril and Lord Richard de Scolay created a history website to collect stories and notes from our past. The history website remains on-line at More contributions would be welcome!

Our registration and gate coordinator was Mistress Juliana Peri da Novellara with the financial expertise of Lord Wulfram von Waldersbach. The embroidered patches for site tokens were made possible by the artistic design of Mistress Gwenhyvar Nocturnal and Lady Jocelyn of Lutterworth and by Lord Eoghan O'Siodhochain's research into embroidery companies.

THL Phebe Bonaduci managed the merchant room made sure the layout was attractive for shoppers organized our merchants and negotiated the hotel discount rate. Phebe was also responsible for finding the building floor plans which were very important for all planning discussions!

Mistress Sarafina Sinclair was the Royalty Liaison Coordinator. She made sure that the Royalty Room was lovely and comfortable and handled a lot of advance preparations. Many individuals served as honor guards and royalty aides. Invitations to the Royalty of four kingdoms were prepared from illuminations by Lady Yzabel de Corbier and calligraphy and guidance from Lady Jocelyn of Lutterworth.

Lady Bojei Timur acted as our tavern liaison working with each tavern group so that they knew their times locations and resources. This was a challenging job and Lady Bojei was magnificent!

Site liaisons and student representatives: Emily of Grey Gargoyles, David of Grey Gargoyles, Nicole of Grey Gargoyles, Alex of Grey Gargoyles, Caillech Inghen Saigert. It is not possible to say enough about their contribution to this event. Considering that the event occurred during the first week of the fall semester it was extremely kind of them to take so much time away from their academic careers! Master Thomas Penyngton served as the Court site advisor at Rockefeller Chapel. This site was made possible by the cooperation of the University of Chicago.

Lord Tadesco da Venezia and the Thieves of Hearts helped as porters in the morning so that everyone could get unloaded and set up quickly and efficiently.

Our crash space coordinator was Baroness Julienne la Follette. Thanks to all the people who opened up their homes. Your generosity and hospitality were much appreciated!

Lord Seamus Mac MurchaDha and Lady Sahar directed the crew of the Middle Kingdom History Project and provided recording equipment for oral histories. A large team of additional volunteers lent their equipment and expertise for recording the historical tales and scanning of pictures. With assistance from many photographers who roamed the event to record wonderful pictures for posterity. Thanks to all who contributed photos and stories. The Middle Kingdom History Project is still accepting more contributions! Please contact jon {at} armlann {dot} com.

The program booklet was devised laid out and edited by the team of Master Philip White Mistress Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza Lady Jale bint Amar Duchess Sabine de Rouen and printed by Zip Printing.

Page School activities included stocking the bathrooms and changing rooms as needed bringing liquid refreshment to the populace and even emptying the trash cans! Lady Anna Rakel Lady Elaine Ladd Lady Magdelena DeCourtney and Lady Zhou Mei were the mainstays of the Page School Activities. Furthermore Quintus de Folo also assumed responsibility for emptying the trash cans=97no wonder the event stayed so clean!

Teachers and Activity Coordinators from across the Kingdoms.

The individual taverns were run by Mistress Winifred Yseult and the Barony of Carraig Ban Baroness Ailikn Olfsdottir and the Barony of Donnershafen Lord Aethelwulf of Dover and the Great Dark Horde and Lady Kara Altardottir and the Shire of Foxvale. The excellent and timely food was a wonderful addition to the event!

The Coordinators/ Teachers of the popular and inspiring classes were: Lady Hilary Langford Duchess Brigh of Writers Keep and Countess Guenievre du Dragon Vert for "Welcome to the SCA/ Intro to the XL Event". Duke Sir Eliahu ben Itzhak and Mistress Arianna Llwyd taught "Eccentric Laws of the Four Kingdoms" to a full house of previous kingdom officers.(Hopefully they will have an opportunity to repeat this class again.) Master Sir Talbot McTaggart's class "Evolution of SCA Armor" and the display of Historical Armour was a runaway hit! Especially noteworthy were the many contributions of armor from the early days of the Midrealm. It was an education to all of us! Baron Gregoire de Lyon and Baroness Giovanna Adimari taught "Baronies of the Middle Kingdom" with excellent ideas and explanations of the practical and ceremonial roles of Baronies. Lady Ursula the Widow prepared the class "Songs of the Dragon Sons and Daughters" and she even found Master Cerian Cantrwr to be her substitute when she was unable to attend. Master Brusten de Bearsal was prepared to teach "Brief Overview of the Pennsic Wars" until his travel plans were changed but an authoritative panel of experts from previous Pennsics was able to substitute for him.

The Displays were beautiful and awe-inspiring. Mistress Siobhan O'Neill brought the Great Book of the Midrealm for display. Master Johannes von Narrenstein organized a display of more than 100 historic award scrolls of the Kingdom. The Award Scrolls Needing Homes was successful in finding homes thanks to Baroness Angelique d=92Herisson who also organized honor guards for the scroll displays. Lady Kristiana of Arden organized the "Masterpieces of Arts and Sciences (and the First Attempts)" display. This was a wonderful display of the improvements in artistic skill among our people! Baronial photo-essays were contributed by the individual baronies and were organized by Baronessa Giovanna Adimari. Lord Adam Trent took care of the Mappes of the Known Worlde and Lady Susanna the Short handled the contributions to the Wall of Remembrance. Mistress Nicolaa Halden stepped in at the final hour to organize the various historial artifact displays including Kingdom displays and Baronial artifacts. Mistress Gwenhyvar Nocturnal updated the Midrealm timeline with current information assisted by a crew of willing volunteers.

Lady Cezara del Asenmanare ran our Youth Tourney with support from Mistress Acelina of Derelei and Master Sean O'Saughnessy. Lady Gwynneth vech Ieuan organized the Rapier Tourney and Sarjeant Henry of Exeter organizied the Heavy Tourney. The Aryeton Angels took care of all the fighters in terms of water and refreshments.

Mistress Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza coordinated for the Aryeton Regalia fundraiser. There were lovely cast pewter buttons donated by Baron Etienne des Roches T-shirts commissioned by Mistress Ghita Alessia with the same design as the site token Midrealm histories provided by Master Folo and SCA posters provided by Duke Sir Merowald de Sylveaston.

Coordinating the various peerage rendezvous groups was a lot like herding cats! Thanks to Master Llewellyn ap Teirnon and Mistress Annora de Sylveaston (Laurel Rendezvous) Sir Emeric Wendel the Diversified (Chivalry Rendezvous) Viscountess Mistress Gwynneth Felton (Pelican Rendezvous) and Duchess Eanor of Amberhall and Count Sir Ullr Amaranthson (Royal Cousins Rendezvous). Mistress Annora de Sylveaston made the lovely illuminated pages which were the sign-in sheets for the Laurel Pelican and Chivalry Rendezvous. Those sheets will be come part of the Middle Kingdom History Project.

Mistress Alina of Foxwood and Master Midair McCormaic organized the Anniversary Ball. Music was arranged and conducted by Master Robyyan Torr d'Elandris and a talented group of musicians. Lady Tacit Darby organized the dessert revel with the aid of Mistress Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza and a bountiful table of contributions. What an amazing subtlety--the family tree of the kingdoms!

Lady Bridget Catherine Raghailligh was stage-manager for the "First Garb Fashion Show" with Duke Master Moonwulf Starkaaderson acting as Master of Ceremonies and demonstrating an artistic re-creation of his own first garb.

The Procession of Baronial Standards at Court was made possible by the combined efforts of many members of the Barony of Aryeton. Lord Richard de Scolay designed the layout of the Baronial standards and constructed the banner poles. Lady Jocelyn of Lutterworth and Mistress Gwenhyvar Nocturnal were the organizers leaders and head artists for the creation and construction of the Baronial banners. They were assisted by a large crew of talented artists!

Sunday classes were prepared by Lady Katerina Peregrine and Herr Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen. The Squire Meet and Beat was a wonderful opportunity to mingle with people from other parts of the Kingdom and several spontaneous training classes were held.

Other Volunteers:

We are all indebted to Master Hal Raeburn for devising a clever new way to build changing rooms! Mistress Arrienne Ashord and Lady Johnnae Lynn Lewis gathered historical feast menus and recipes to be posted online.

The Gold Key room was set up and staffed by the student members of the Shire of Grey Gargoyles. The Barony of Aryeton funded new loaner garb for the occasion which was constructed by Mistress Juliana Mistress Gianetta and other hospitable souls. Mistress Juliana re-decorated the big red-and-white banner so that the XL could be read from across the Midway!

The "day of" set up crew and decoration crew included: Philip Adam Fern Juliana Hal Emily Guy Susanna Wulfram Henry Dougal Kirsten Caellyn Ayesha. These were the people who said "I'll do anything you need. Just tell me". In fact I took shameless advantage of their offer. They all deserve a special place in autocrat heaven for their hard work and their patience.

The site clean up crew was led by the members of the Shire of Grey Gargoyles with assistance from other members of the populace. There was a substantial overlap between setup and clean up crews.


The officers of Grey Gargoyles and the Barony of Aryeton played an important part in our event. I have a special thanks for Lord Guy Dawkins the Seneschal of Grey Gargoyles Lord Wulfram von Waldersbach the Grey Gargoyles Exchequer and Mistress Ghita Alessia the Ayreton Exchequer. The Seneschal of the Barony of Aryeton is Master Philip White whose networking abilities cheerful optimism and common sense were invaluable to an ambitious autocrat!

Probably I have let someone slip through the cracks but please understand that I have a vast appreciation of so much good help! Many people made this event happen and I am exceedingly thankful for the good people in Ayreton and in the rest of the Kingdom for making this event so memorable!

In service


Celebrate the pagentry of the renewal of the Dragon Throne with the Coronation of the 80th King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom, Dag VI and Anne Marie II while we explore our Kingdom's rich history.

A celebration of the History and Legends of the Midrealm

Event activities celebrating each of the decades roughly corresponding to the dates when we joined the SCA and encouraging interaction between them:

1st Decade: 1969-1979
2nd Decade: 1979-1989
3rd Decade: 1989-1999
4th Decade: 1999-2009

To celebrate the history of the Middle Kingdom and, as always, to Have Fun.

As the members of the Middle Kingdom grow older, they will tend to disappear from our gatherings. It is important to meet and have personal memories of the interesting and eccentric people who belong to our organization. It is equally important for the experienced people to make friends with the newer members in order to share our heritage and to welcome our future.

Historical Information:
For more information about Midrealm, Calontir, Ealdormere, and Northshield history, see the following website, maintained by Honorable Lady Nadezda seZastril and Lord Richard de Scolay. This website has commentary and links to pictures, essays, and stories from Past and Present members. Please submit more content.

Promotions and Invitations:
Have some friends that have moved out of Kingdom or live in one of the daughter Kingdoms but might want to come visit? Then please send them our out-of-kingdom flier to get perk their interest (In PDF Format).

Want to encourage people from your local group or area to come? Please print out this flyer and pass it out at your area events and local meetings (PDF Format).

Commemorative embroidered patch for our Forty Year Celebration! Be the first at the event to make sure you have one too!

Hosted by the Incipient Barony of Ayreton Consisting of the Shires of Foxvale, Grey Gargoyles, Rokkehealden, and Vanished Wood, and the Province of Tree-Girt-Sea.

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