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E -mail is an increasingly important method of communication in our society. To join the Cleftlands email mailing list, called Cleftlist, follow these simple instructions.

bullet Open a new, blank email. Set the To: address to
bullet Send your message. It's as easy as that! To unsubscribe later follow the same procedure only use as the address.
bullet Remember, only the exact email address you subscribed with will be able to post to the list.

If you are unable to join the mailing list, contact the list owner, Milesent, for help.

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Don't forget your Nettiquette! Here are some tips for successful mailing list usage:

bullet Do not send attachments to the list unless absolutely necessary. The Cleftlist has a message size limit that will stop most messages with attachments from going through to the list. Small image files, such as those appropriate for web pages (72 dpi), are fine.
bullet Delete unessasary parts of a message such as signature files, headers, etc. when forwarding the message to the list.
bullet Take private conversations off of the list.
bullet Avoid the dreaded Me Too syndrome, does your reply add to the conversation?